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Riding Home with Corvette Gordon and Petrov Trunkov

July 2, 2011

Lame crappy Russian car

We went out to lunch at Ella Blue’s Cafe in Thomasville.  While waiting for the food to be brought to the table we entertained Mason with his truck, some sugar packets and my keys. He was fairly well behaved and after walking around downtown we headed towards Wal-Mart. As a reward for him being a good boy I told him he could get a new car from the movie Cars 2.  He was excited and while I picked up a loaf of bread and some hamburger buns he looked at the cars with Becky.

He came back with an F-1 decked out in the Italian flag (nice choice) and a sad little light blue car that looked like something from the former Soviet Union.  Becky explained the blue car was a lemon and one of the bad guys in the movie.

Corvette Gordon loves America

While Becky looked for something in the rear of the store I drove Mason and Jules over to the toy section in hope of finding something cooler than the little blue car.  After digging through the cars I found a yellow Corvette Gordon complete with patriotic paint job.  It was much cooler than the blue car.

I tried to sell Mason on the Corvette but he was having none of it.  He loved Petrov Tunkov and would not let him go.  He also started to love Corvette Gordon and when I tried to put him back started to tear up.  Was it worth making him cry over a $3 car? I decided it wasn’t and we headed towards the checkout with the cool Italian car, Petrov and Corvette Gordon.

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