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Courson Family Reunion

July 9, 2011

I joke with Becky that everyone in the rural South seems to be related to one another.  It seems that Southerns can meet in line at Winn Dixie and after talking to one another for 3 minutes of so, discover they are 3rd cousins once removed on their mamma’s side.  It’s kind of ridiculous.

As crazy as this sounds it recently happened to Becky.  A lady from our church was posting pictures of her family on Facebook and Becky recognized one of the people.  after they chatted it turned out that Barbara and Becky’s mother are 2nd counsins on her momma side.

Once a family link was established Becky started learning more about this sideand was invited to a family reunion in Folkston, Georgia.  We loaded up the kids this morning and headed to the Courson Family Reunion.

We arrived knowing on Barbara but were warmly welcomed by the other members of the family.  Mason chased around his distant counsins while Miss Julia strolled around saying hello to everyone in attendance. We spent a good afternoon on the wide porch of the house where the reunion was held watching it rain and eating good food.

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