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Garden Update: Week 6

July 11, 2011

My four basil plants are producing an amazing amount of fresh basil.  We cannot eat enough Caprese salads to keep it in check and this morning I snipped off the top of the plants and brought them to my friend at work.  I would like to make some pesto this week and think a more severe trimming may be in their future. Both the purple and white eggplants are growing well.  The smallest purple eggplant had a fruit that did not make it past a few inches before falling off.  It was shaped like a “C” and was rotten on one side.  The other three plants are not having this issue and I suspect in the next few weeks we will be inundated with white eggplant.

Our okra plants after growing almost three feet tall are staring to produce.  Each crock at near the top has three or four baby okra pods.  It is crazy how much taller they are than the plants I put in the front yard and I suspect they will produce much more.  As for the zucchini and watermelon plants, I have written them off for the season.  The zucchini is no longer flowering and is starting to yellow.  The watermelon plants is also no longer flowering and there are no fruit on the vine.  Next year I will plant our zucchini earlier and leave growing watermelon to the professionals.

As for the front garden, I picked my first okra pod this evening.  It was about 3 inches long and covered with a light fuzz.  I popped it in my mouth and it good.  It came off the second plant from the left, which is the largest plant in this area.  The other three okra plants do not look like they will be yielding anything in the immediate future.  The tomato plants are continuing to yield and I picked one last week.  There are three or four more that should be ready this week.  They are very tasty and I wish I had planted more than two plants!

Finally, the zucchini and watermelon situation in the front garden is the same as in the back.  The plants are no longer flowering and have no fruit on them.  I did notice new leaves starting to sprout on the zucchini plants but I wish that some of the flowers had produced a squash!

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