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Garden Update: Week 7

July 18, 2011

Florida’s winter occurs during the months of July and August.  The summer heat and humidity are tough on plants and my garden is beginning to show signs of succumbing to the elements.  The zucchini plants are on their last legs and I noticed my neighbor up the road plowed his under.  The watermelon plants are also not faring well. I am not sure what happened to them since they receive adequate water.  I may pluck both kinds of plants from my garden later this week.

On a brighter note, the eggplants and okra are doing wonderful. They were both billed are being two kinds of plants that could make it through the summer and so far they have.  My white eggplants are almost ready to be picked while my purple ones have two small eggplants that are growing well.  The largest plant in the raised bed is also flowering again, which is a good sign.  The okra look like they are going to explode all at once.

The two tomato plants in the front yard also look to be nearing the end.  I picked 4 tomatoes this evening but they are starting to look rough.  I noticed some more flowers near the tops and will continue to water them until they are done for the season.

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