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Brewsday Tuesday: Maudite

July 19, 2011

Maudite is Québécois for damned and references the Chasse-galerie legend.  In this story a group of lumberjacks struck a deal with the devil to fly home in their canoes for New Year’s Eve.  They make it home, have a great time and leave so they make it back by dawn.  While flying home one renounced the pledge and canoe swerved.  The lumberjacks plummeted to the ground but still make it back in time and are able to keep their souls.

Name: Maudite

Brewed by: Unibroue

Style/ABV: Belgian Strong Dark Ale / 8.0%

Appearance: A beautiful dark brown color with hints of burnt orange on the edges where the light shone through the glass.  On top was a two finger cream colored head that slowly melted away.  Light lacing on the glass while drinking.

Smell: Yeast, earthiness with some floral hints and cloves.

Taste: Bananas, apricot, cloves, with some warmth from the alcohol.

Mouthfeel:  Medium with high carbonation.  It is crisp and finishes a bit dry.

Overall: An okay beer with a great label and story behind its name.  I was really expecting something spectacular but was a little underwhelmed.  I would buy it again, but it would not be my first pick.

Final Grade: B-

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