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A Slippery Start to Our Vacation

July 24, 2011

We left for the mountains at 5:00 a.m. After stopping for breakfast somewhere in Georgia and lunch in Dillsboro, North Carolina we arrived at our destination.  Becky served as navigator and as we snaked towards the cabin read the portion of the directions about driving on the steep gravel road.

We made it to the halfway point and turned left onto a steeply graded portion of the road.  We made it about half way and our wheels began to spin.  I eased off the gas, backed down the road and tried again.  Instead of going forward we slid backwards*.  Mason looked terrified in the back seat and told us he was scared.

I backed up and waved Charlotte around to see if she would have any better luck.  Her Rav 4 fared worse than our Vue.  We were still a 1/2 mile from the cabin.  There was no way we could walk and carry all of the things we have brought with us for our trip.   After a brief discussion we made our way back down towards a park and ride area off the main road.

Becky called the rental company and after 3 tries they called us back.  She explained the situation to them and were told they would move us to another cabin.  It was larger but located 10 miles to the west and did not offer much of a view.  We were just happy to have a place to stay and agreed.  We were told to stay where we were and someone would come and take us to the new cabin called Double Springs.

We waited for almost an hour until one of their staff members arrived.  We followed him towards Fontana Lake and then up into Graham County.  When we arrived the cabin was located in a hollow.  It was beautiful inside and with a large kitchen/living room and 4 bedrooms.  The hot tub in the back was huge and there was a nice gas grill. It may not have been where we planned to stay, but it was a very nice cabin and I was glad they were able to accomodate us.

*If this isn’t overwhelming evidence that we need a truck I don’t know what is.

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