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Thomas, the Nantahala and Trout Fishing

July 28, 2011

Where does Thomas the Tank Engine live? In the mountains.  Or her does according to our little man who got to see a life size replica of the famous blue train on the Smokey Mountain Railway.  We were amoung the hundreds of parents who accompanied their little boys and girls for a “Day with Thomas.”

The train ride itself was advertised as 45 minutes but we probably moved for a grand total of a half hour.  However, in light of the train being packed with excited toddlers and little kids it was a perfect length.  We rode over the river, near “Tidmouth Sheds” and onto a tressel.  Juila had a blast on the ride hamming it up and trying to greet everyone she saw.  At first Mason was not sure what to make of the crowds, the steam engine and the conductors but after riding for a little while he lit up when he received his Junior Conductor certificate.


Once we rode Thomas and purchased Hiro from the souvenier tent we took a ride out towards the Nantahala Outdoor Center.  The roads wound along the sides of thr mountains and were covered by the canopies of trees.  It was a beautiful ride and after we found a place to park watched kayakers play in the rapids and grabbed a few overpriced hot dogs.

While we ate we bumped into Becky’s cousin Suzie and her husband Chris.  They had taken the long train ride from Byson City.  Instead of seeing beautiful scenery as they had been promised they snaked along a gorge and offered them less than optimal views.  Instead of enduring a 2 hour ride back to the station we gave them a lift into Bryson City.

We did not have any plans for the afternoon and decided to make our ways towards Cherokee.  On our way we noticed a sign for Copper Creak Trout Pond.  We thought it would be fun to take Mason fishing and turned down the road. It took us through beautiful countryside.  The mountains were in the background and a small creek ran along the side of the road.

After checking in I grabbed a rod while Becky kept tabs on Julia.  She of course found a puddle of mud and dived into head first.  While she tried to eat the mud, Mason and I tried our luck at fishing.  He would hold the rod for a little while then fill our net with algae. He was walking around barefoot with a big smile on his face having a good time.

Eventually the line on our pole tightened and a fish jumped out of the water.  He grabbed the pole and helped me reel in his first fish.  The look on his face as we landed the 2 pound rainbow trout was priceless.  While the guy cleaned our fish Mason rang the bell near the stand to let everyone know he caught a fish.  He was very proud and the fish tasted delicious later that evening when we grilled them at the cabin.

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  1. Karen Trammell permalink
    August 1, 2011 10:11 pm


    Thanks for sharing this wonderful narrative of this sweet memory-making trip with us!

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