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Farewell to Baby Bottles!

August 4, 2011

Ever since Mason arrived a container of baby bottles has lived under the kitchen counter in the cabinet to the left of our sink.  In addition to containing bottles there was a baby bottle car warmer, a baby bottle supply tote and a plastic bag full of extra nipples, caps, and Dr. Brown bottle insides.

Just as he moved onto sippy cups full time we learned a second baby was in our future.  We discarded the nipples Mason tore apart but since bottles are not cheap we kept the majority of them and added a few smaller 4 oz. bottles for Miss Julia’s arrival.

Miss Julia used the bottles but as she approached her first birthday started poaching Mason’s sippy cup.  Slowly she started drinking her juice in her own cup but she continued to hold out when it came to milk.  This week Becky decided it was time for her to go to a sippy cup full time.  Miss Julia did not put up much of a fuss and was drinking milk out of her sippy cup by the end of the day.

After making sure it was not a fluke I asked Becky if we could get rid of the bottles.  She agreed it was time to say goodbye and I purged the cabinet.  The only thing we kept was a tote with Mason’s name on it that we can use to carry snacks.  I am very happy we are done with the bottle stage and happy to have back the cabinet space!

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