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Shapes and More, Shapes and More

August 5, 2011

Julia fell asleep early.  Charlotte agreed to come over and watch her while we headed to Thomasville for dinner with Mason.  On the way up Mason told us that he wanted to go to Shapes and More.  Shapes and More is a toy store on Broad Street that sells Thomas the Train engines.  It is one of Mason’s favorite places and he loves to play with the three large train boards loaded with trains, cars and tracks.

We stopped in for dinner at Moon Spin Pizzaria. It was a busy Friday night but we were able to find a table in the middle of the restaurant.  While we waited Mason gave us the run down on his plans.

“I want Mighty Mac.”


“I want Smudger. Lets go to Shapes and More.”

“I don’t think they are open little buddy.”

“Okay, I want Mighty Mac.”

We went back and forth like that until the pizza arrived.  Mason ate all of my pepperonis and I was left with plain cheese slices.  Once we were full of pizza we loaded up for the ride home.

“Shapes and More daddy!”

I knew it was closed. Becky knew it was closed.  Mason kept the faith as we drove past.  The lights were out. The door was closed and Mason burst into tears.  I felt so bad for him and he eventually cried himself to sleep on the ride home.

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