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The Bryan(t) Family Reunion

August 6, 2011

This morning we all piled into Charlotte’s car and made the drive to the Stephen F. Foster State Park for the Bryan(t) Family Reunion.  Even though I was squished in the back seat between Mason and Miss Julia I was very happy I did not have to drive the 100+ miles one way.  Instead, I kept the kids entertained and enjoyed the ride.

The reunion was held in the air conditioned kitchen/dining house.  There was tons of food and while the Bryan(t)s finished cooking various kinds of fish we chased Miss Julia around and caught up with various people.  Uncle Kinsey came down from Columbus, Georgia, Robin and Joe made the ride from Panama City, Florida and Kelly and her family came over from Jacksonville, Florida.

The food as usual was plentiful and delicious.  The line was long and I decided to start off with dessert, a piece of Aunt Audrey’s coconut cake.  It is one of the best coconut cakes I have ever had and Mason enjoyed sneaking bites off my place.  The other highlight was Aunt Audrey’s coleslaw.  It is creamy and delicious.  I have the recipe but have not been able to duplicate the results.

As usual we were among the last people to linger at the reunion.  Becky, her momma and counsins poured over old photographs while I played with the kids and attempted to keep them entertained.  It was a fun afternoon and by the time we made our way back towards Monticello everyone was worn out.

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