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Condensed or Evaporated

August 7, 2011

Becky got the urge to bake a cake this afternoon.  In honor of the premier of The Help she decided to make an old fashioned caramel cake.  While she started working on the batter I walked with Mason down to Winn Dixie to pick up a few items.  I thought the recipe called for sweeted condensed milk and confidently grabbed two cans.  We paid and then walked up to the house.

I unloaded our bounty on the kitchen counter and looked at the recipe.  The icing called for evaporated milk.  I had picked up the wrong kind.  Becky asked if I had read the recipe, which I had albeit it quickly.  I told her I would run down to the store and exchange it as I grabbed the two cans.

By this time the skies had opened.  I ran to the car to get an umbrella and soggily made my way down to the store.  A small stream created by the deluge ran down the side of the rode and my flip-flops were soaked by the time I completed the short walk.  I swapped the condensed milk for evaporated and made my way home.  In the end my wet feet were worth it because Becky made a spectacular caramel cake which we all enjoyed.

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