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Garden Update: Week 10

August 8, 2011

One thing I learned this summer is I am really good at growing basil.  I planted four small plants and over the past 10 weeks they have exploded in the front corner of the garden.  As fast as I cut some off for a salad of side dish they grow back.  If anyone lives in the Greater Monticello Metropolitan area and would like some basil feel free to give me an e-mail and I will be more than happy to cut you some.

In addition to the basil which loves Summer in North Florida the eggplant is also doing very well.  The ones I planted on Memorial Day have done the best and I am getting ready to pick my second Ichiban.  The white eggplant are aslo growing well and there are two more on the vine that should be better in a few weeks.

I picked about 10 okras tonight.  They are a sneaky plant and I swear one fay there are none large enough to pick and the next day they are almost 4 inches long.  I really wish I had planted more because they have done exceptionally well.  Lesson learned for next year when I would like to plant double what I put in this summer.

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