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Expansionpalooza 2011

August 12, 2011

Last summer there was talk that college football as we knew it was about to end.  The era of the Super Conference, 16 team goliaths, was about to be ushered in by the Pac-10.  Rumors swirled about a plan to pick off 6 schools, dissolve the Big XII and assert  dominance as the major player in the West. Ultimately what happened was far less earth shattering.  Colorado and Utah went to the Pac-10, Nebraska went to the B1G.  ESPN and its gobs of money managed to tape the Big XII back together and ensure that some semblence of the current college landscape would endure.  Most people thought something would happen, but the time frame was pushed down the road.

This week rumblings surfaced of Texas A&M’s desire to bolt the Big XII for the SEC.  Apparently the Aggies were tired of being treated like Texas’ little brother and wanted to forge their own identity.  The final straw was a plan by the Longhorn Network to air high school football games of potential recruits.

Twitter exploded with this news and speculation began running rampart that FSU was also considering a move to the SEC.  Spirited discussions broke out about the value of moving to the SEC as compared to staying in the ACC.  It made for a very interesting day but by the end of it nothing was concrete and rumors continued to race around the internet.

When Expansionpalooza 2010 was being discussed I wrote how I thought things would play out.  I was wrong then, but if Texas A&M is in fact invited to the SEC all hell could break loose.  Even if the Aggies do not immediately leave, the threat is sure to make the next few weeks leading up to the start of the college football season very interesting.

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