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The Death of Our DVR

September 2, 2011

This evening Becky tried to turn the DirecTV DVR on in the living room.  Nothing. I checked the plug and made sure it was tightly attached at the back.  Still nothing.  I swapped out the receiver for the one in the bedroom to see if something eles was going on, but it came on with no problem.

I called DirecTV’s customer service line and after wainting for a couple of minutes was connected someone in their Texas call center.  She asked me a few questions and I responded that the light would not come on.  After assuring her we had not had a lightning storm (we hadn’t) she told me they would ship up a new DVR receiver.  DirecTV has great customer service and it was nice having the problem quickly solved.

Until it arrives we can only watch television in the living room.  Becky is not a college football fan and with the season really getting under way tomorrow I may have to miss a few of the games.

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