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Garden Update: Week 14

September 5, 2011

I planted our Summer garden on Memorial Day and I picked the last of the basil this afternoon.  The okra plants were losing their leaves and with the soaker hose cracking last week they were receiving only sporadic watering.  It was time to put them out of their misery and I pulled them out.

I have been keeping the plants from bolting for the last couple of weeks by removing the buds from the top of the plant.  Today I cut all of the basil down and finally picked up some pine nuts and another bottle of olive oil to make pesto. The four basil plants I grew this summer yielded 2 pints of pesto.  After making the pesto I froze some in muffin tins and then put them into individual zip lock bags so I can use it throughout the fall and winter.

With the Summer garden finished and cooler weather on the horizon we picked up some plants for our Autumn garden.  This week I will add some more mushroom compost and then we will plant broccoli, carrots, pole beans, beets, collard greens and cucumbers.

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