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Goodnight Shoes, Goodnight Socks

September 15, 2011

Mason hopped up from the couch and tugged on my arm.  “I tired daddy. Let’s go read a book,” he said as he rubbed his eyes.  I got up from my chair and followed him into his bedroom as he dragged his blanket behind him. I went to his book shelf and picked up Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown that  Becky and I bought it for him a month or two ago at the Bookshelf in Thomasville.  He snuggled up next to me and asked me to cover him up.

As I read he sucked his thumb and pointed out items in the pictures.  He enjoyed the book and was almost asleep when we finished the last page.  I told him it was time to go to sleep and turned off the light.  “Hold me tight daddy,” he said as he cuddled with his pink monkey baby.  I put my arm around him and he popped his thumb out of his mouth.

“Goodnight closet.” he said out of nowhere into the darkened room.  He continued with a list of other various items.  “Goodnight shoes. Goodnight socks. Goodnight monkey baby.  Goodnight Sissy. Goodnight pups. Goodnight momma.”

He eventually drifted off to sleep and I crept out of the room, careful not to wake him after witnessing another priceless childhood moment.

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