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An Afternoon on the Farm

September 16, 2011

Steve invited Mason and me to head over to Madison to spread some corn.  He has several food plots on a friend’s farm and with deer season fast approcahing he wanted to make sure the deer had plenty to eat.

We headed over in his old green truck with Mason in the back seat snacking on peanut butter cookies and a Sprite.  He looked out the window the entire ride taking in the scenery. When we got to the farm Steve unlocked the gate.  Since we were no longer on the roads Mason hopped in the front seat between us.

As we approached the house a doe shot out in front of the truck and bounded over the field to our left.  Mason was wide eyed at seeing his first deer.  We then set to work spreading the corn.  I drove while steve worked the spreader out of the back.  We spread a 50 gallon drum of corn in 5 large plots.

On our way home Mason kept his eyes peeled for deer.  On the back side of a plantation we saw 3 more.  He laughed as they raced up the road and into the brush.  He had a good afternoon and when we asked him if he had fun he told us he liked the woods.

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