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Saturday Night at Doak

September 17, 2011

One game has been circled on Florida State’s calendar since last year’s blow-out loss to Oklahoma.  It was the rematch at Doak where Jimbo and the boys hoped to redeem themselves.  This was the one game I wanted to go to and amazingly my friend Joe and I were able to get a pair through work.

The hype surrounding the game was unreal. ESPN’s College Gameday setting up shop outside the stadium people were tailgating by 7:30 a.m.  It was also the first time in more sometime where two top 5 ranked teams would be facing off at Doak.

I arrived at the stadium a little after 2 o’clock with my friend Kirk.  We made our way to his cousin’s tailgate where we ate, drank cold beer and talked to OU fans as they wandered around campus.  They were really nice, and we tried to be friendly to them by offering them a cold drink or two.  I ended up meeting the Mayor of Tulsa and his wife which was kind of cool. Joe joined us around 4 o’clock and I made sure he caught up with us by calling out the wild turkeys.

The atmosphere inside the stadium was amazing during the game.  I have never heard Doak so loud.  The students were insane and even the alumni stood for the majority of the game.  Although the final score did not turn out the way I wanted it to (23-13 OU), from an atmosphere point of view it was the best college football game I’ve ever attended.  Hopefully the ‘Noles can right the ship and beat Clemson next week in Death Valley.

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