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Fayette County’s Historic Courthouse

September 23, 2011

Yesterday I travelled up to Fayetteville, Georgia for work.  Before heading back to Tallahassee I decied to check out their downtown.  I was told it was worth the three block drive and that siting in its center was Georgia’s oldest courthouse.

Not knowing where I was going I drove the wrong way and had to double back.  I eventually found my way downtown.  The court house was in the middle of the square surrounded by stores and restaurants.  It appeared to be a fairly bustling, healthy downtown.

The courthouse was white with a gray front door and roof.  A clock tower stood facing the street.  It looked a little run down but was still a stately building.  I stopped on the south side of the building and snapped a few pictures. I was happy that I got to see another of Georgia’s 159 county courthouses.

I learned the courthouse was built in 1825 one year after the jail.  It faces south towards Milledgeville which was the state’s capital at the time of construction.  The clocktower was added to the structure in 1888.  The structure was listed on the National Register of Historic Placess in 1980.

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