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Torn Contact Lens, Lowes and a Chicken Nugget McHoarder

September 24, 2011

Turning the green top on the contact case counter clockwise revealed a half folded lens.  I noticed something wrinkled next to the case on the sink top.  It appeared to be a torn piece of my lens.  Sure enough, my right contact lens had been ripped in half when I put it in the case last night.  I am amazed it does not happen more since once they are out my 20/200 vision isn’t good for much.

Of course it was my last pair of lenses.  I called Hatcher Opticians in Tallahassee and asked if they had a trial pair I could have until my order came in.  They called back a few minutes later and said they had a pair for me.  Becky was shopping for wedding dresses with her cousin in Thomasville, Georgia so I loaded up the kids and headed towards Tallahassee.

Mason fell asleep on the way into town and Julia sang a song to herself.  I ran in and grabbed the new set of contact lenses and decided to make the most of the trip.  We headed to Lowes to get some things for the garden.  Mason and Julia sat the in the buggy and we picked up a 4-pack of broccoli, some mushroom compost and a bag of organic fetilizer.  While we picked up these items Julia batted her eyes and said “hi” to everyone who walked past while Mason made Lightning McQueeen sounds.

On the way home I pulled through McDonalds.  I got some nuggets and a cheeseburger.  Miss Julia ate half the cheeseburger while Mason kept asking for more and nuggets.  At a stop light I turned around to see what he was doing with them.  He had 5 nuggets piled in front of him on his car seat.  When I asked what he was doing with them he told me he was hiding them.   I convinced him to give a couple of them to his sister and we headed home to watch the ‘Noles.

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