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Miss Julia’s Rough Week

September 30, 2011

Miss Julia caught her brother’s cold on Monday when she started running a fever. Becky took her to the doctor’s on Tuesday and she was prescribed Zithromax.  She was so pokey and cuddled in our laps for the few hours she was awake.  Becky and I gave her the first couple of doese of her medicine but her fever continued until Wednesday when it finally broke.   She was finally able to head off to Little Girl School on Thursday.

On Friday morning she woke up in a reasonably good mood.  I noticed a few little dots on her face but figured it was a heat rash from sleeping with her head buried into her pillow and teddy bear.  I dropped her off at Ms. Cherrie’s and headed to work.  I was about to turn off of U.S. 90 when my phone rang.  It was Ms. Cherrie.  She told me Julia was breaking out in a rash that was spreading over her entire body.

I raced back and picked her up.  He stomach, back, arms and face were covered in pink blotches.  When I got home I called the doctor’s office to try and get an appointment.  Becky put a request for a substitute teacher and headed home.  Together we took Jules to the doctor.  He determined she had suffered an allergic reaction to the Zithromax.  He gave her an antihistamine and a steroid.  Becky stayed home with her this afternoon while I headed into work.

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