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The Lion King with Little Man

October 1, 2011

Mason has been excited about seeing the Lion King since seeing the first advertisement for it on television.  Becky promised to take him to it and we were finally able to keep our promise this afternoon.  He was so excited that he was going to the movies!

When we got to the theater we purchased our tickets.  Mason got in free because he was under 3.  We stopped at the concession stand and picked up some popcorn, coke and candy.  Becky tried to get Mason to pose for a picture while I watched and an older gentleman chuckled at Mason’s refusal to cooperate.

The theater was fairly empty and we found some seats about half way up towards one end.  Mason sat and muched on the popcorn while we waited for the previews to start.  We tried to get Mason to put his 3D glasses on but he initially refused.  When he finally decided to cooperate he put them on upside down.

It was the first 3D movie I had ever watched and I thought it was pretty cool.  Watching Mason watch the movie was even more fun as he sat and took it all in very attentively.  When it was over we asked if he had a good time and he replied “I like the Lion King!” It was a good afternoon and I am glad we took him to the movies.

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