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Birthday Party Weekend

October 2, 2011

On Saturday we took Mason to Mikey Rubin’s birthday party in Tallahassee.  Courtney held it at Dorothy Oven Park.  I had been there once for Elf Night a few years back but did not realize how pretty the area was.  There was a large house, a pond and beautifully maintained trails.  The weather was pleasant and it was nice to be outside without melting.

The birthday was a pirate theme and Captain Mikey led the kids on a treasure hunt, ate pizza and had birthday cake.  Mason had a good time and his favorite piece of pirate treasure was a spy glass that came in his party bag.  He carried his treasure chest home and was only separated from it when he had to take a bath.

On Sunday we took both Mason and Miss Julia to Carysn’s birthday party in Monticello. Mason goes to big boy school with her brother Graham and Jules goes to Miss Cherrie’s with Carysn.  We had a little trouble finding the house since we forgot the invitation but were able to find it with the aid of Google Maps.

It was a perfect day for an outdoor birthday party and the kids ran around while the parents kept a watchful eye on them and chatted.  Mason fell in love with Graham’s motorized car while Julia conned Carsyn’s granddad into pushing her around in a little car.  Cuteness will get you just about anything.

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