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Hornets and Demon Deacons

October 8, 2011

After neglecting the bushes for two years I finally got my hands on a gas trimmer.  It took awhile to get it started but once it was running I tore through the back yard.  What took me a whole afternoon with the electric trimmer was done in 30 minutes.  The overgrown bushes gave the backyard a crummy appearance and things were looking good as I made my way towards the front.

Large rows of azaleas run along the street, some towering three to four feet above out fence.  The gas trimmer ripped through the wisteria vines, saplings and other garbage growing in the bushes.  Things were going swimmingly until a batch of hornets flew out of a palm tree and stung me in the face. I dropped the trimmer as those little bastards swarmed.  Amazingly I only got stung once under my goatee.

With my face swelling I decided to watch the Seminoles game.  My plan was to watch the ‘Noles wax Wake Forest and then finish the yard work.  Sadly, the Demon Deacons did not want to cooperate with my plan and took it FSU.  It was more painful than being stung in the face by a hornet and I sulked outside to finish while the Seminoles’ season went down in flames.

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