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New Leaf Market 4th Annual Farm Tour

October 15, 2011

Today was the New Leaf Market 4th Annual Farm Tour.  We loaded the kids up and headed to Tupelo’s Bakery & Cafe for breakfast.  I ordered a slice of their amazing bacon cheddar quiche while Becky got one of their breakfast rolls filled with ham and cheddar.  Mason and Julia were content to play with Tupelo’s train table while Becky watched them and tried some flavored honeys from Full Moon Apiarys, Inc.

Following a melt down by Mason, who did not want to leave the train table, we drove to Dreaming Cow Creamery in Pavo, Georgia.  The creamery is owned by Kyle and Janelle Wehner.  He studied argi-business in New Zealand and then returned to South Georgia to start his business two years ago.  Kyle was very friendly and took us out to see some of his family’s cows.

The cows are rotated throughout 24 paddocks and unlike industrial cattle are grass fed.  This results in their milk, and the products made from that milk, being rich in Omega 3 fats.  The happiness of the animals is also emphasized and they are allowed to eat and roam at their leisure under a large mister.

Mason and Julia were not in the best of moods and after checking out the field we tried some of Dreaming Cow Creamery’s yogurt.  The grass fed milk yogurt was less sweet than other yogurts we have tried and had an earthy flavor.  Happy cows make very tasty yogurt!

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