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Family Pictures in a Cotton Field

October 29, 2011

During college football season no social activites should be scheduled on a Saturday.  Ideally, if something has to take place, like a birthday party, wedding or other event all efforts should be made to schedule it on a bye-week.  If that is not possible then schedule the event for an away game and provide enough time to get home so the game can be watched on TV.  The only time anything should be set during a home game is when it is beyond your control, like a funeral.

Today Florida State played NC State at home. I had tickets and planned to take Becky for a day out.  Based upon the above guideline nothing should have been scheduled.  Becky did not read the guidelines and decided it would be a great day to have our family pictures taken in a cotton field.  In the interest of marital harmony I gave up the tickets and watched a quarter of the game. We then loaded up to headed out to meet our friend Tammy.

The cotton filed was across from some land owned by our friend Kirk.  Tammy found a shadey spot and we met her in the back.  We posed with the kids and she was able to get some great shots before Julia decided she was done with pictures and would rather play in the dirt.

Before heading back to the house we to the Wyrick Simmons house and got a few more photographs.  It is a very pretty historical setting and Tammy took some of the kids with Charolotte.  By the time we got home the game was about over.  The Seminoles defeated the Wolfpack and our yearly family photos were done.

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