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A Spooky Evening

October 30, 2011

Earlier this month we bought a couple of pumpkins from the Wacissa Methodist Church pumpkin patch.  This evening Mason wanted to carve a jack-o-lantern.  We grabbed one of the pumpkins and gathered in the kitchen to carve it.  Becky drew the jack-o-lanterns face with a black marker and I used a kitchen knife to cut a hole in the top and then each of its features.  We used a large spoon to scoop out the pumpkin guts.  Becky picked through them for the seeds while Julia ate some of the pumkin’s innards.  She’s kind of gross.

Once the pumpkin was carved and the seed were baked we put the jack-o-latern on the dining room table and lit a candle inside of it.  Mason let of a “woooowww!” when he saw the pumpkin lit.  He then sat there watching the candle flicker taking it all in.  It was his first jack-o-latern!

We then sat down and watched The Ledgend of Sleepy Hollow.  It is the Disney version and both the kids loved it.  We all sat on the little couch, snuggled and snacked on pumpkin seeds.  It was a wonderful night with family!

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