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Fall Garden Update: Week 8

October 31, 2011

If the collard green police inspect my raised bed I will be booked for abuse.  The eight little plants lining the front part of the garden are on life support and look rather miserable.  I should do the merciful thing and pull them out.  Thankfully, the collard green in the pot is doing well and is ready to pick.

The cucumber plant is doing well.  I picked our first cuke last week and it tasted like the ones our neighbors used to grow when I was little.  There are two more that will be ready to pick later in the week and two other smaller ones that will be ready in a week or so.

The green bean plants are loaded with tiny little pods.  I thought the green bean plants were going to grow taller, but it turns out I planted bush beans.  I am not sure how many more weeks it will be until the beans are ready to pick, but I am amazed I may actually be able to harvest something I planted from a seed.

As for the carrots and beets, I have no idea how either of them are doing.  The majority of the beets were replanted after I incorrectly thinned them.  I think the beets have only been in for 1/3 of the time they need to be in the ground. I’m going to wait to pull the carrots until the tops get fuller.

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