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Halloween 2011: The Cupcake and a Magical Shark

November 3, 2011

In the weeks leading up to Halloween when asked what he was being for Halloween Mason would proudly proclaim “a shark!” Tonight after dressing Julia up as a cupcake we attempted to place Mason in his shark costume.  He said he was scared and then started to cry.

“I don’t want to go pick-or-peeting! I scared.”

“Please put the top half on? Momma’s trying to make Halloween fun for you.”

It took some doing, but we eventually convinced him to put the top half of his costume on.  He was not thrilled and when we loaded him in the wagon he was still unsure about going.  That was until Charlotte gave him a three foot aluminum foil wrapped wand.  He beamed and proclaimed he was a magical shark.  As we pulled the kids around Mason tapped Julia on the head. “You a pumpkin!” he said.

At the first house he was a little unsure of what was going on, but was happy when Miss Valerie gave him some candy just for rolling up to her door.  He started to figure it out after the third house or so and I saw the light go on.  He realized he could sit in the wagon, have daddy pull him around, and fill up on surgar.  Meanwhile, Julia was happy as could be to be part of the action.  She was adorable and put on a show at each house.  She is such a little ham!

After touring our neighborhood we loaded the kids, the wagon, and ourselves into the car.  We parked near the Jefferson Arts building and made our way up Washington Street towards the Daffodale House.  When we arrived Mason refused to get out of the wagon.  Julia on the other hand was more than willing to venture up to the decked out house.  She was rewarded with a Halloween book for her bravery.

When we exhausted the houses within walking distance we went home.  We gave out candy to the kids who came by the house and had chocolate fondue.  It was a fun night and I had a blast spending time with Becky, our magical shark and out little cup cake.

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