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Yook, waccles!

November 4, 2011

I am in the middle of reading No Wonder My Parents Drank by Jay Mohr.  One part of the book touches on the verbal peculiarities his son had when he was growing up, and how looking back he misses them. His story set me to thinking about the way Mason talks. He talks very well for his age but there are some expressions and the way he pronounses certain words that are unique to him.  I love these little quirks and jotted a list down of my favorites.

yook: A request to stop whatever we are doing and look at him right then and there.  “Yook at me momma!”

pick-or-peeting: Mason’s version of trick-or-treating.

milky: Milk

waccles: His favorite breakfast on the weekend, waffles and bacon.

sissy: His name for Julia.  I think Miss Cherrie got him started on this one.

match cars: His favorite toy and term for Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.

“I broke myself!”: If he gets a boo-boo he will let us know with this one.  A quick kiss usually repairs the damage.

“I want to pet you.”: Sometimes he wants to pet your arm, or hair, but recently it’s been my beard.  He just reaches over and rubs it while sucking his thumb. Too cute.

“Hold me tight.”: When he is getting sleepy he likes to be held. This one melts my heart.

“I love you with all my hearts”: The sweetest thing he tells Becky and me.

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