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A Visit with Aunt Pam, Nana and Papa

November 5, 2011

My Aunt Pam came down to Florida to visit my Nana and Papa for a couple of weeks.  This moring Mason and I made the 3 hr drive down to Spring Hill to spend some time with them.  The ride down was pretty good as Mason slept and I listened to the radio.  We made it all the way until Crystal River before we hit a red light.

When we arrived in Spring Hill we ran to the Wal-Mart.  I needed to get some allergy medicine and wanted to pick up some “match cars” for Mason.  I could not get over how good he had been in the car and let him pick three cool ones out.

Nana greeted us at the door and was very happy to see us.  She gave us a big hug and it was followed by another big one from Aunt Pam.  They could not get over how big Mason had gotten.  He was a little shy at first but soon opened up.  When Papa got home we had lunch while Mason watched a little of his DVD and played with his cars on the floor in the den.

We spent he afternoon hanging out on their porch while Mason chased their pup, Ethan around.  He also played pirate telescope with an empty wrapping paper tube.  He looked for his ship (Ethan) and then would chase him around the house.  It was pretty adorable.

By late afternoon we headed back home.  I was sad we had to leave, but did not want to get back to Monticello too late.  The ride back home went as smoothly as the one down. Mason was so well behaved and it was fun listening to him play with his cars and pretend he was a pirate looking for treasure.

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