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My Boy Has Matchbox Car Radar

November 10, 2011

Mason loves Matchbox cars (or Matchcars in his own word).  When I take him grocery shopping I tell him if he is good he can pick out a car or two when we are leaving.  Sometimes he gets them, and sometimes he does not. Maybe it makes me a bad parent, but I think purchasing an hour plus of drama free shopping with a 2 year-old  is well worth the costs of a couple of Matchcars.

This evening Becky asked me to run down to Winn Dixie to pick up a couple of things for dinner.  Mason tagged along and after stopping at the stop sign near the Burger King we made our way into the WD.  Mason sat in the small part of the buggy while I pushed him around and picked up a few things.

He knows where the Matchcars are kept in Winn Dixie and I was careful not to head down that aisle.  However, on the way out of the store there was no way to avoid passing by the end of it.  The kid has Matchcar radar and as we approached it he lit up. “Matchcars daddy! I want one!” he exclaimed as I bolted the buggy past them.  He looked at me confused.  In his little head being good while shopping = Matchcars.  I told him they were out of Matchcars and pushed him towards the location of our last item.

I snagged a box of cereal bars and handed them to him.  Mason smiled. and declared, “Daddy, I like cereal bars! Mmmmmm!”  as he hugged the box.  After paying for them he carried them home in a Winn Dixie bag.

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