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Time to Tackle the Kitchen

November 13, 2011

Since moving into our little house Becky and I have renovated the bathrooms, bedrooms, living room and dining room.  The only space we have yet to tackle is the kitchen.  This is because renovating a kitchen is an expensive endeavor and once the kids arrived we ran out of free time to tackle big projects. The geniuses who lived in the home before us (bless their hearts) put two layers of peel and stick tile over an old layer of linoleum over a layer of plywood-ish wood which sits onto of the original wood floors.  This delightful sandwich of flooring has developed cracks in it due to the sub-flooring not being properly installed. On top of this, our gold Formica counter-tops with custom cast iron burn marks need to go.  The appliances are also about to give up the ghost.  The front burner of the stove is shoddy and the inside tines of the dishwasher are rusting. The fridge is also rather dodgy.

Last week the crummy state of the kitchen came to a head when Becky woke up from a nap and inspected the floor.  She pulled back some of the old peel and stick tiles to make a beautiful 4 inch wide chasm in the floor.  We looked at each other and realized we needed to take some action on the kitchen.  While we discussed our options I got a measuring tape and took down the dimensions of the floor (236 sq. feet), the counter-top area (28 sq. feet) and the widths for 6 new plantation blinds to replace the sweet metal ones from the 1980s.

With a manila folder in one hand and Miss Julia in the other we stormed into Lowes.  While one associate trimmed the blinds we meandered through the appliances, counter-top, cabinetry and flooring departments.  A sale on a 4 piece set of appliances caught my eye.  They were stainless steel and all retailed for $1,996.00.  I took a picture and sent it to Becky.  She immediately replied with “Buy them.”  I decided to hold off but took down the item numbers and measurements to make sure they would fit.

When I got home with the new blinds (and various pamphlets on counter-tops and flooring) I checked the measurements for the appliances.  The dishwasher would fit. The microwave would fit. The stove would fit.  The space for the fridge was 5″ too short.   I was disappointed and was more so once I discovered they do not make a 30″ fridge (or one that will fit in that space) that has a crushed ice and water dispenser.  It looks like we will have to get one without these perks. Talk about your first world problems!

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  1. Cindy Johns permalink
    November 27, 2011 2:38 am

    This model comes with water/ice on door and is 29 1/2 ” wide. Maybe they could order it for you. Whirlpool WRT779REY

    • Cindy Johns permalink
      November 27, 2011 2:44 am

      It may be misleading. In one place it says water and ice, in another only water, It might only have water on the door. It is also advertised at Lowes.

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