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I’m a Robot

November 19, 2011

This afternoon we attended Amanda Dull’s wedding out at Honey Lake Plantation.  The ceremony was held in a beautiful chapel over looking the lake.  While we were waiting Mason  asked, “where Aubrey at?”  She is Amanda’s little girl who goes to Mason’s big boy school and is in his class.

He caught a glimpse as she walked down the aisle fulfilling her flower girl duties.  When the ceremony was over we went outside and milled around waiting for directions to the reception lodge.  Mason looked around and asked, “where Aubrey at?” Eventually we were directed to the reception and we drove over the beautiful grounds to the building.

The reception hall was a large screened in room overlooking a small pond. Outside Brian from Sage was grilling pork loins.  Becky and I grabbed a drink and had some appetizers.  It was a beautiful evening.

After taking pictures with her mom and step-dad Aubrey arrived at the reception.  Becky took Mason over to see her.

“Mason!” she exclaimed.

“I’m a robot.” he responded as he moved his arms and head.

Aubrey rolled her eyes and walked away.  Becky laughed and when she returned to the table told me Mason needed to step his game up.

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