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Happy Birthday to Me

November 27, 2011

I turned 34 today.  I was woken up by Mason hopping into bed and Jules soon followed. In my half-awake state Becky brought in my gifts. The kids were squirming around in excitement.  “Presents dad! Open them!” said Mason.  I tore the paper and found a new pair of Georgia boots and a new belt. I was very excited as I wanted a pair of these boots for a long time! Mason was also a fan and told me, “I like your boots daddy!” and that he wanted the same pair.

I decided to have my birthday cake for breakfast.  Becky had it decorated in Florida State colors.  Yesterday when we picked the cake up Mason asked, “You share your cake with me daddy?”  Mason was very excited about cake for breakfast and he helped me blow out my candles. When he got a piece he thanked me.  It was very cute.

After opening my gifts and having some breakfast Mason and I went grocery shopping. We picked up some nice NY strips and a pile of beautiful shrimp from Mike’s Seafood.  When we got home we finished decoarating the house and then I started making my birthday meal.

I wanted an old school streak house dinner.  We started with an iceburg wedge salad with creamy blue dressing and crumbled bacon followed by shrimp cocktails.  The main course was grilled NY strips, baked potatoes and sour cream.  For dessert was my cake.

Miss Julia really enjoyed the cake as she stuffed it into her face and then smeered the frosting into her hair.  By the time she was finished she was a frosting monster and in need of a bath.

It was a very nice birthday.  I had a lot of fun spending the day with Becky, Charlotte and the kids.  Mason and Julia also made it extra special by being so excited about everything from opening presents, to singing happy birthday, to eating my cake.  I love my little family so much and have a wonderful wife!

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