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Brewsday Tuesday: Winterhook

November 29, 2011

Every time I buy a 6-pack of a beer brewed by Redhook I am transported back to Portsmouth, NH where their East Coast brewery sits. I had a lot of fun times there and have always had a soft spot for their beers. I had not had their Winter seasonal in sometime and was looking forward to cracking one (or more) open.

Name: Winterhook

Brewed by:  Redhook Ale Brewery

Style/ABV: Winter Warmer / 6.0%

Appearance: From a 12 oz. short necked bottle it pours a deep rich amber color with a fluffy four finger head.  A good amount of lacing is left behind as the beer disappears from my glass.

Smell: First think that jumps out is a piney blast from the hops along with some citrus. Some caramel sweetness from the malts is also present.

Taste: Opens with some malt sweetness then breaks into the piney/citrus hop finish with a nice amount of bitterness. There are no “seasonal spices” present in this beer.

Mouthfeel: Medium body with low carbonation.

Overall: When you grab a winter warmer you never really know what will be inside. Some are concoctions stuffed with spices, other are bland, while others are magnificent.  Winterhook clads iself in wintery looking package while hiding something that could more properly be termed an English bitter/English Pale Ale inside.  It is a very drinkable,  delicious beer that I thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to drinking again during the Christmas season.

Final Grade: A-

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