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The Sears Wish Book Rocked

December 2, 2011

Mason called me into his room last night.  I found him laying on his toy box reading his “magazine.” It was the most recent Toys R Us flyer that arrived in the mail earlier in the day.  He hopped up and jumped into his bed.  “Sit down daddy and read my magazine.” He snuggled in my lap and made me hold the flyer as he turned to each page.  Everytime he did he exclaimed “Woooowwww! Look at this daddy!” It did not matter if the page contained video games, dolls or Legos.  He was in awe.

It made me think of Christmas when I was little and the Sears Wish Book arrived. It was at least 4 inches thick and contained everything you could want.  There were appliances, electronics, clothes, tools and most importantly, toys.  It was magical.  I would sit there for hours paging through the book, dog earing pages and coming up with a list of things I wanted to include in my letter to Santa.  I remember my brother asking for a robot every year.  He would include the biggest one along with the smaller less expensive version, in case Santa was on a budget.  My list were usully chock full of Legos, G.I. Joes and some NFL related items (including those sweet NFL uniforms for kids).  Santa would usually deliver a few things off the list along with some other selections I forgot to include such as t-shirts, underwear and socks.

If Mason saw a Sears Wish Book today it would blow his mind and keep him occupied for at least a week.  I figured in the digital age we live in the Wish Book was out of print and a thing of the past.  After digging a little bit I discovered Sears still publishes the Wish Book and you can order one online.  I requested a Wish Book and it should arrive in a week or two.  I am not sure if it will be as grand as the Wish Books I remember in my childhood, but I hope Mason enjoys looking through it as much as I used to when I was a kid.

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  1. charlotte permalink
    December 2, 2011 12:49 pm

    I remember those wish days myself.

  2. December 5, 2011 9:22 am

    Elliot found one of those kitschy catalogues that come this time of year and paged through it day after day. I was kind of surprised but as you said, I doubt it matters what’s in it; they just like to look.

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