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Tiki the Elf

December 10, 2011

There was a knock at the door this evening around 7 o’clock.  I opened it and told Mason to come out onto the porch.  He walked out a noticed a large package.  I told Mason it was addressed to him.  “Momma, I got a package!” he exclaimed as he carried the large box into the house.  He set it on the couch.  It was wrapped in brown paper.  The return label indicated it was from The Bureau of Naughty or Nice, Elf Assignment Division, 1205 Comet Way, North Pole.

Inside was Mason’s very own Elf on the Shelf.  He took him out and Becky read the book to him.  When we got to the end she asked him what he wanted to name his elf.  He thought for a moment, looked at both of us and said “Tiki!” Becky looked at me and asked where he got the name Tiki.  I told her Tiki was better than some of the other choices he could have come up with, most notably Pee Pee.  (This is currently one of his favorite words and his answer to a variety of questions, including what did you eat for lunch, hilarious.)

With his elf name we placed Tiki on the shelf and told Mason he had to be good or else Santa would find out.  He looked at the little elf, then at Julia who was playing with one of his cars.  He grabbed it and ran into his bedroom away from the prying eyes of Santa’s little informant.

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