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Ice Cream with the Little Man

December 11, 2011

I picked Mason up from Big Boy School.  He was excited when he saw me and raced up the steps.  I picked him up and he waved good bye to his little buddies.  I wanted to take him to Tupelo’s for a snack and asked him what he wanted.  “I want an ice cream from Burger King!” he said in the back seat with a smile.

We made the short drive toward Burger King.  I unbuckled him from his car seat and held his hand as we walked into the restaurant.  “Can we eat our ice cream at the table?” he asked.  I said yes.  He let out a squeal.

I ordered a vanilla ice cream for each of us with hot chocolate on top.  Mason smiled at he carried his treat to the table.  I gave him a spoon and we dug in.  “Can I try some of your ice cream daddy?” I gave him a taste.  “Mmmmm! That is good!” He then would take a scoop of his own, and then asks for another bite of mine.

As we walked to the car he held us his ice cream covered hands and looked at me with his chocolate sauce covered mouth. “I’m all sticky daddy, I need a bath.” Yes you do I thought as I buckled him in for the short ride to our house.  Taking him to BK for a $0.95 ice cream made his afternoon and I had a lot of fun watching him enjoy his little treat.

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