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Christmas Eve Eve

December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve is tomorrow.  That makes today Christmas Eve Eve, the day men around the world traditionally scramble to try and buy last minute gifts, stocking stuffers snf hams. This morning the Bonfanti men loaded up and headed to Tallahassee to grocery shop, pick up some wine and grab some last minute items.

Publix was a mad house.  Mason held on as I dodged and weaved our way past old ladies, mothers sheparding hordes of kids through the bakery and a man stocking pickles.  We grabbed a turkey, some vegetables, bread and a couple bottles of wine.  We escaped without incident in one piece.

Our next stop was Fresh Market.  Due to the stores smaller size is felt more crowded. There was a polite, but busy bustle to the shoppers.  Mason sat in the tiny buggy as I filled it with cheese, olives, and more wine.

Our final stop was CVS.  Becky is an exciting person who enjoys a new toothbrush on Christmas morning, and I did not want to let her down.  Mason picked out a brush from the many on the rack and we were out the door headed home.

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