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Christmas 2011

December 25, 2011

On Christmas Morning Becky woke up before the kids. She woke Mason and together with her mom picked Julia out of her crib.  The kids walked into the living room and saw their gifts from Santa Clause. Mason got a Ford Mustang Power Wheel and Julia got a kitchen set.  They looked at the kitchen and then both climbed into the car. Julia worked the radio while Mason made car noises and drove.  Mason looked up at Becky and I and said “I’m happy.”  It was adorable.

We read Luke Chapter 2 and then tore into the presents.  The kid got more things than they needed. Julia got an American Girl doll baby while Mason got match cars and Thomas pieces. My favorite gifts I received from Becky were a set of All-Clad measuring cups, and an All-Clad kitchen ware set with our initials engraved on outside.  They look really great in our slowly-updating kitchen.

For breakfast we had our traditional shrimp and grits.  Becky and I then started Christmas dinner.  We put the turkey in the oven and started making the sides.  I made sausage dressing while Becky made sweet potato cassarole.  Charlotte made green bean cassarole.  We also had cranberry/orange relish and gravy.

While the turkey was cooking Steve came by the house to spend a little time with the kids.  He brought Mason some more Thomas trains and Julia an Elmo car.  Peyton came with him and stayed for dinner when he left.  Right before dinner was ready Becky’s dad arrived with her Uncle Mike.  Mitch bought Mason a John Deere Gator which we put together in the front yard.  Before we went into eat Mason took it for a spin.

By 6:30 we were exhausted.  Mason curled up on the couch and fell asleep.  I was up late on Christmas Eve, slept only three and 1/2 hours, and crashed on the love seat.  I slept for almost two hours and by the time I woke up the Christmas elves had cleaned the kitchen.

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