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Little Man in the Middle

December 29, 2011

We were sitting in the living room.  Mason was playing with his cars on his bed.  We could hear him talking to his cars as he played.  All of the sudden he was quiet.  I walked in and found him sleeping, curled up on his quilt, two cars still clutched in his hands.  We coverd him up and crept out of the room.

An hour or so later Becky went to bed leaving me as sole person awake in our house.  I decided to use the time to catch up on my restaurant reviews.  By the time the court house bells were ringing in Friday morning Sweet Tea & Bourbon was up to date.

As I brushed my teeth and took my contacts out a small voice called from Mason’s room.  “Daddy? Daddy? Where are you?” he said.

“I’m right here buddy. Are you okay?”

“Yes. Please snuggle with me and put my pjs on.”

“Okay.” I pulled his Lightning McQueen jammies on and gave him a hug.

“I scared. I want to sleep with you and momma.”

I picked him up and carried him to our room.  He scooted into the middle of the bed.  His momma was to his left, and I was to his right.  He popped his thumb into his mouth and was soundly sleeping within a minute or two.  I brushed his hair with my hand and contently drifted off to sleep.

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