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Making the Most of a Half Day Off

December 30, 2011

I decided to take a half day off.  At 12:30 after billing my hours, and clearing off my desk I headed for home.  We decided to take the kids out to lunch in Thomasville.  Mason wanted his usual, chicken nuggets or a hamburger.  Instead of letting a 2-year old decide where we ate we headed for O’Neals County Buffet.  Their fried chicken with all of the fixins hit the spot, and the kids were relatively well behaved.  Julia said hi to everyone who passed our table and Mason eventually warmed up enought to give the staff knuckles as we walked out the door.

When we got home Mason and Julia watched a movie while Becky read her book and I contemplated taking a nap.  My plans were tossed aside just as my eyes were closing. “Daddy, open your eyes! It’s not sleepy time, it’s wake up time! Play cars with me.” I sat up as Mason dumped the cast of Cars 2 on my chest.  Cars 2 was followed by match cars on the bed and then trains.  It was a lot of fun and Mason loved to watch his cars/trains as he pushed them back and forth.

While we played Miss Julia did her best impression of a ornery honey badger.  She tossed a cup on the ground, threw herself on the ground, and earned herself an early trip to bed.  Once she was cutting z’s I begrudgingly made some homemade hot chocolate for Becky and little man.  It was worth it when Mason took a sip and said “Daddy! You made hot chocolate for me! I love you daddy.”

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  1. December 31, 2011 7:58 am

    Your day sounds like a lot of mine! You never know how the kids will act but then they’ll suddenly redeem themselves.

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