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An Afternoon on Pearl Street

January 2, 2012

Sometime last week Becky braved Wal-Mart solo with the two kids.  As a reward for their good behavior she bought them a kick ball.  It is made from heavy duty red rubber and is similar to the ones I played with in elementary school.  Mason go to great efforts to tell me it is “mine and Sissy’s ball” although I have yet to see Julia touch it.

This afternoon Mason wanted to play his new favorite game, kick ball.  The rules of the game are fairly straight foward.  I kick the ball to Mason, he hits it with his foot and then I chase after it.  We usually play in the front yard, but today he wanted to step it up and play in the park.

After lunch at the Brick House Eatery we made our way to Pearl Street.  I unbuckled him from his carseat and he ran off with the ball.  He kicked it to me, I kicked it back to him and so on.  While we played Becky kept tabs on Miss Julia who wanted to explore the rose bushes and the nearby street.

Meme Charlotte soon joined the party in the park and together we loaded the kids into the swings.  They both love to swing and would hang in the seats going back and forth for hours.  After a little over an hour the kids’ hands were popsicles and we loaded them up.  We had a good afternoon and they should both sleep well tonight!

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