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Rescuing Sadie Mae and Jackson Too

January 5, 2012

Mason and I were sitting at his train table.  He was pushing he trains around in circles while I watched.  All of the sudden he turned around with a look of concern on his face, and pointed at the ceiling light.  “Sadie Mae is trapped! We need to rescue her!” said Mason.  He walked over to his closet and grabbed his new frog boots.  He then went to his bed.  “Daddy, I need my rescue clothes,” he said pointing to his red bandana and conductors hat.  I handed him the hat and tied the bandana around his neck.  “Let’s rescue Sadie Mae daddy!”

He pretended to climb a ladder (a piece of his Thomas track), which I had to hold, so he could get to our cat stuck in the light fixture.  He leaned up, grabbed her and smiled.  “Oh no! We need to rescue Jackson!” We repeated the process so Jackson could also escape the clutches of the light. Apparently Molly is too short to reach the light as we did not have to rescue her.

When we were finished he ran out to the living room to tell his momma about his adventure.  He stood in the middle of the living room telling her how he rescued Sadie Mae and Jackson.  Moments later he asked me to take off his rescue clothes so we could plays cars.

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