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Mason’s 3rd Birthday Party

January 14, 2012

This year to celebrate Mason’s 3rd birthday Becky planned a cow themed birthday party at Chik-fil-A.  She went all out!  She had Rebekah at A Blissful Nest design cow themed invitations.  She went out and bought The Story of Ferdinand the Bull, as party favors for the kids and wrapped them up in pretty ribbon.  She got s little man a custom set of coveralls with a cow and his name embroidered on the front. The pinnacle of cow-ness was the birthday cake and cupcakes she had Kim from Tupelo’s Bakery design.  Each cupcake had a cow Kim made out of frosting, while the cake sported large Holstein black patches.  The Chik-fil-A employees loved them!

Becky was worried no one would show up to Mason’s party.  I told her people would come, and guess what? They did! Mason had four buddies from big boy school, Zoe, Jackson, the McNeill girls and Miss Julia.  The eleven of them owned the playground and climbed all around.  Mason spent time making sure each child came to a complete stop at the bottom of the slide.  He also liked playing the spinning panel games with Aubrey.  For lunch they had chicken nuggets.  Becky also got a huge platter for the parents.

Following lunch and cake the Chik-fil-A cow made an appearance.  The kids were in awe of a 7 foot cow and went up to give him hugs.  After that it was time to open presents.  His friends and family were so generous and gave him some really cool things.  Among some of the items I recall loading into our car for the ride home was a Finn McMissle remote control car, a race track, and a John Deere truck set.  By the time we loaded the kids into the car for the ride home they were exhausted.  Mason and Miss Julia slowly nodded off and by the time we crossed into Jefferson County both were fast asleep.

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