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Miss Julia is an Escape Artist

January 15, 2012

I unloaded the car and brought Mason’s birthday presents into the living room while Becky sorted and made a pile of old toys to take to Goodwill.  Each time I made a trip to the car Miss Julia made a beeline to the front porch.  When I returned I shuffled her in while managing not to drop anything.  I locked the door and she stood there, looking out between the slats of our screen door like a downtrodden prisoner.  Her silent protest soon turned to intermittent screams accompanied by a shaking of the door.

“She want to go outside Michael! Put her pack-n-play on the porch with some toys and let her enjoy they day.” said Becky.  I dragged the play pen from the back office, set it up on the front porch, a placed some toys in it.  I tracked Miss Julia down, placed her inside and went into the living room.  I could see the play pen and we could hear her playing.  By playing I mean she was throwing things out and shaking the sides with a very angry look on her face.

As I was taking Mason’s new race track out of the box it suddenly got quiet.  I looked up and Miss Julia had escaped.  (Our yard is fully fenced in just in case of a situation like this, so we were not worried about her making a quick trip to Winn Dixie.)  I was curious to see where she was headed and opened the front door.  The toys I had placed in her playpen were in the rose-bush, azaleas, and on the front porch.  I turned the corner of the house and saw her trucking toward the swing set.  She saw me running toward her and she let out a giggle.  I caught up with our little honey badger just as she got to the bottom of the slide.  She was not happy and tried to wiggle free as I scooped her up and headed towards the house.


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