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Three-Year Olds Cheat

January 16, 2012

Three-year olds cheat. A lot. And they don’t even try to cover up their blatant rule breaking.  I learned this playing a matching game with Mason tonight.  He got it for Christmas and tonight after Miss Julia went to bed we spead it out on the floor.

It is a Winnie the Pooh matching card game.  There are two of each card with the same picture on it.  After we spread them out I told him it was his turn.  He picked two cards, flipped them over, and looked at them.  One had Pooh on a scooter, the other had Pooh and Piglet running.  He looked up at me, “this is not a match daddy!” he said as he put one card back.

I flipped two cards over. They did not match and it was little man’s turn.  He turned one card over, looked at it, and then turned over a second, and then a third, and a fourth.  Until at last he found what he was looking for. He smiled and looked up at me, “it’s a match daddy! I did it!” You sure did buddy.  I took another turn and we played the game like this until he got tired and curled up on the floor with his new softie (blanket).

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  1. January 19, 2012 8:40 am

    Hey, I tagged you for a post on my blog; you don’t have to do it but it might be fun!

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