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Passing a Stomach Bug Around

January 19, 2012

A toddler at Julia’s Little Girl School had some sort of viral infection last week.  He was out while the other 4 little ones played under the supervision of Miss Cherrie.  This week he returned, and brought a present back to the 4 healthy kids, his illness.  Miss Cherrie called me yesterday afternoon to tell me she found Julia sitting in a pool of nastiness while she was eating her lunch.  In fact, all 4 little ones had suffered blow-outs of one kind or another, and would not be allowed back until they had been clear for 24 hours.

Becky took a sick day and spent the day at home with Miss Julia.  She said she did not appear sick and was running around the house, dancing, and “playing” (i.e. terrorizing) our pups.  She did take a 4 hour nap this afternoon and for the most part was clear of the foulness that emitted from her the day before.

When I got home both little ones were waiting at the door to greeet meet.  Mason hugged me while Miss Julia placed my leg in a death grip.  I am very happy she is feeling better, and barring any setbacks she will be going to see Miss Cherrie tomorrow morning.

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