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Grocery Shopping with Two Small Co-Pilots

January 21, 2012

Before having kids nothing required planning.  You’d get up in the morning with 15 hours ahead of you, and could pretty much do anything you wanted within the boundaries of the law, and your bank account.  After kids, things change. One of the most noticeable changes is everything takes planning, and the degree of difficulty related to each activity is drastically increased.  If our lives were a gymnastic routine the Russian judge would not be docking us points.

This morning Becky had a sinus headache and I needed to go grocery shopping.  Not the grab a few things at the Winn Dixie kind of shopping, but rather the our cabinets are bare and our babies are going to starve kind.  This occurs every couple of weeks, and is something I do not look forward to.  I wanted to go early before the crowds and “traffic” descended upon Thomasville.  However, I did not get out the door until 11:30 a.m., and instead of going alone I had two small co-pilots with me.  Degree of difficulty, increased!

Grocery shopping with two little ones is hard. I put Julia in the seat and Mason in the big part of the buggy.  Since Mason is getting big and we needed a lot of stuff I grabbed a second buggy to put all the food/other items in.  Our small caravan made our way into the store and began snaking through the aisles.  I waited for a meltdown, or an argument from the little co-pilots.  It never came.  Instead, they were perfectly behaved, and at one point Julia was petting Mason’s hair and he was smiling.  Who were these children? Pleased that our kids had been replaced by little aliens who got along with one another I quickly wrapped things up before they went south.  I would give our performance a 9.5 with the Russian judge taking off a half point due to Miss Julia failing to stick the landing.

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  1. January 23, 2012 10:28 am

    You’re not kidding; shopping is by far one of the hardest things. And sometimes, they are so well-behaved and others? Terrible! We have yet to make a Costco trip that didn’t end in tears.

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